Is it possible to apply for a demo gaming system before agreeing to use it?

Yes, it is entirely possible. You can initially use the demo version. Moreover, we even recommend trying playing before you enter the full gaming system. To do this, simply ask your personal ICG Distributor for help.

What should I do if the system does not work after joining it?

Remember that we always want to help the client, so we are exclusively on your side. If you profit from the gaming system, we are only happy. If, nevertheless, it happens that the gaming system you have chosen for some reason does not work, we will promptly help you.

Sometimes troubleshooting doesn't work, so you and your ICG distributor should:

  • Think about the best option of what system to move your personal balance. Remember that rates can be very often different, so your transfer cannot be on a 1:1 ratio.
  • You should quickly close out your account or accounts.
  • The balance will be transferred to a new gaming system.

Sometimes this process can take more than a week, so you have to notify your users about such a long closing out.

How to start?

If you have difficulties with getting started or have any questions, please contact us. Your ICG Distributor is ready to help you with:

  • searching for a right gaming system specifically for you;
  • filing an application for mapping;
  • read and complete the sweepstakes software agreement;
  • get your personal logins for software products;
  • buying special credits or points in the case that the concrete system requires them;
  • start earning.

That’s it! In most cases such approvals for earning money can take nearly 24-48 hours. Quite a bit and you can start!

What is known about mapping?

Mapping is considered to be the place from which the manufacturer can deny or approve the location of the gaming system. Some modern gaming systems can have restrictions on the distance operators can be placed. Some systems don’t have such issues. Mainly, manufacturers require mapping that often takes 24-72 during business days for exact approval.

What else can I get together with the gaming systems?

Every gaming system is a full set for managing the promotional part of any business. It often comes with:

  1. Jackpots - special valuable prizes that can be a pleasant addition to other prizes in games.
  2. Gaming set - various games with amazing design and unique features.
  3. Point-of-sale - it helps to complete sales, reports, and redemptions.

Server system and web- and cloud-based system - what to choose?

It depends on the location of the Gaming system’s software. Web- and Cloud-based software is placed on a remote server that is available via the Cloud. Almost all modern gaming systems are web-based.
Main advantages:

  • Quick updates
  • No technical maintenance
  • All information is stored remotely
  • You need only internet to get access to data


  • If there is no internet, you won’t be able to access the gaming system
    Server based system is stored on site with an exact location of the business.

Main advantages:

  • It can work even without internet connection


  • It needs an installation
  • The price of setup is higher

And now a little digression into history. Contradictions in the advertising game industry all systems are stored on servers. But all this was back in 2003 on the occasion of the lack of modern technologies. Now, when almost everyone has a smartphone and constant access to the Internet, gaming systems are increasingly moving to sites.

What is known about net revenue or the hold?

When all prizes are redeemed, you have some prizes. They are called net revenue. For instance, when a business has $200 in sales and $100 in prizes, you are left with $100. And yes, this is your net revenue.
And the percentage that you’re left over with after redemption of all prizes is called a hold. For example, your business has $200 in sales, $100 in prizes, so you are left with $100. The hold is $100.

Please be aware that there are some factors that can have a great impact with lowering or raising the hold. These are promotions, customer type, redemption policy, and your chosen gaming system. After a month your hold will level out, but there can be a varying hold from high to low due the day basis. It can be between 30-50%.

How can the winning ratios be defined?

Winnings are always determined in the special prize pool. There, they are created and set in the right order. The result is always the same and it does not depend on the order. Sometimes players win and quickly reinvest their winnings to continue playing. It is often called ‘a win to play customer’. This user that has a strong desire to become a winner for the sale of his winning can get more play.
There are different prize pools in gaming systems so there can also be different winning ratios. Some system winning ratios are:

  1. Large amounts of money, infrequent winnings - High Volatility
  2. Medium-sized winnings and amount - Mid Volatility
  3. Small amounts of money, frequent winnings - Low Volatility

Sometimes you can even have your own specific winning ratio. It depends on the customers you have. Please ask your ICG Distributor for help. It is worth mentioning that such systems don’t have special algorithms. Only prize pools are used inside the system.

Can I change the winning percentage in the system?

The most important fact about any gaming system is information when, how often and what their customers win. The software companies have figured out what setting works better with their software and plan to keep the winning percentages with the algorithm they have already identified as the most successful.
Many gaming systems do not still have an option for that. Sometimes, in really extreme situations, the winning percentage can be modified. But this applies to the situations when, for example, a store has had a hold outside of the expected range over a 2-3 month period.

What about purchase of points? How does it work?

The points which are bought by a store owner often mean the number of sales his store can do. For example, somebody invests $200 for 800 points. The points are what the store owner sells and redeems to his customers. When a customer purchases $20 from you, then 20 points are removed from your points total balance of 800. The customer then can play out his points.
Every game is not similar. They are different. If a player wants to make a spin or a move, he needs to pay with his points. If customers win a prize, they can either continue playing until no points are left, or redeem their winnings. So let's say one of your customers chooses to redeem 10. The store owner would redeem the customer 10 points and the system would then add 10 to the existing balance in the store owner's bank of points. (Starting points) 800 - 20 (sale) + 10 (redeemed) = 790 left in credits.

What is pay-as-you-go and how does it work?

This method means that you pay only for the use after you make a profit. The accounting period is from Monday till Sunday. On Monday you often receive your invoice via email. Please be attentive to complete the invoices on this day as you have already earned the revenue from the previous week.
The full invoiced amount is based on your Net Revenue. If you are not sure that you know enough information about this, look through previous frequently asked questions. You can always contact your ICG Distributor for exact terms as they vary from System to System depending on your choice. If you don't have an ICG Distributor, please click here

What is known about promotions?

Special features that are naturally built into various gaming systems are called promotions. They are created for players who want to get freebies. It is worth mentioning that if you use one of the built in Promotions, the Gaming System does not charge for use. Now there are some available promotions:

  • Players get extra points if they have a minimal balance without redeeming - it is called cashback
  • Free 100 - This award means a free amount of points to a player's account. Usually no purchase is tied to this
  • Bounceback - Purchase Promotions such as 500 free with $20 purchase
  • Referrals - Awards for customers who brought other spending customers to the system

In every gaming system, there are different promotions. Not all Promotions are the same from system to system. Not all promotions are available in every system. If you use promotions that are built into the system, then you are not charged for those points.
You can choose to give points to your players by doing your own promotion. It is possible because the manufacturers do charge for those points.

What is known about compliance settings?

These are various game modes that gaming systems can be set to fit within the law. Some types of compliance settings:

  • Skill - it allows users to influence their outcome
  • Pre Reveal - it allows the user to see the game results before doing the spin, there are a lot of different kinds of pre reveals.

Sometimes territories require special settings to operate. Please consult the distributor to ensure the proper system settings.

How much do I need to pay for use of such a software product?

This software is absolutely free. You should only pay for your points or credits for gaming systems. If you want to know more about rates, please contact our team. Sometimes systems offer additional volume discounts. You also do not have to pay for front costs or ongoing maintenance costs.

Do you have a setup fee or back office?

No, we don’t have them. The only costs involved are what the manufacturer's charge. Everything depends on the concrete product you choose.

Why is there a redemption limit for some stores?

If the store does regular redemptions, there are special peculiarities of how to award clients. A lot of stores have only management handle redemptions because of the important security factor. Some organizations offer redemptions only during certain hours, and for a maximum dollar value. It is not a decision of software, it is your own decision or a decision of management of a concrete store.